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From black tie to casual: 
Wedding guest AcCESSORY guide

Have you ever received a wedding invitation in the mail that left you completely clueless about the wedding guest dress code? And the biggest question of all: what kind of accessories are appropriate to wear with your outfit?

Black Tie

This is a highly formal and specific dress code, so stick to the list: black bow tie, black tuxedo, white tux shirt. Accessorize in small ways by adding a black leather watch, black patent leather shoes and a pocket square.

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Dressy Casual

This dress code is becoming more and more common in wedding invitations. We recommend aiming for formal or cocktail look that matches the overall wedding theme. Wear a dark blue/grey suit and match it with a black, sleek mesh watch and a pocket square.  

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Casual wedding attire for men calls for (at least) dress slacks and a blazer, but a suit and dressed shirt will definitely cover all your bases. A no-go is a black tuxedo - dress appropriately but remember to respect the relaxed atmosphere of the wedding. This is a type of event where you can step up your style game by adding a light grey leather watch combined with a trendy signet ring. And last but not least: add a classic cuff link. 

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