Dressy men's accessories

Complete your outfit with men's accessories from BILLGREN. You can add, mix and combine our jewelry infinitely, based on style and appearance. With small means, you can easily create a whole new look that takes your style to new heights. Here, our ambassadors tell you about their favorite combinations and jewelery for dressed up occasions - weddings, parties or when you just want to be a little extra dressed up!

Luxury cufflinks

Cufflinks are an incredible style enhancer and create a luxurious look. Felix Möller thinks so too and here he shows his three favorites from the collection. Choose from stainless steel, gold-plated steel and carbon in different models. Don't forget that you must have a shirt with holes for cufflinks to use them!

Mix'n match by Felix

Making whole outfits is Felix's specialty and he succeeds every time! Here he has put together a combination that will make your entire outfit. Wear a white t-shirt and everything is ready, more than that is not necessary! Mix your own favorite or copy Felix, it's totally okay!


Luxury jewelry with a twist

Kim Hegethorn likes to combine men's jewelery and accessories that feel a bit luxurious but with a slightly tougher look. Here he has combined Steel bracelets, Cuff "Live passionately", silver and Gustaf Klocka Mesh, black in a stylish combination, which fits just as well to wear to suit as everyday. Want to create a simple look that feels exclusive? Then this combination is just right for you!


Douglas Watch

Douglas Watch black Mesh, black is one of our best sellers and it is no coincidence! This watch is stylish and fits most outfits. Wear a jacket, shirt or just a simple t-shirt. With Douglas watch you create the style!


Jakob Konnbjer takes us to town

Jakob takes us out to the town and shows how he combines his accessories and men's jewelry for a successful evening. He has simple style that is a little dressed up and usually combines some of our most classic men's jewelry and accessories. We think he does it in style!


Oliver Demm runs classic mesh with beads

What is better than combining watch with beads? Oliver combines our Save the Ocean bracelet where SEK 100 out of SEK 349 goes to The Perfect World Foundation to save our seas, together with the classic Gustaf Klocka Mesh, white. This mix is ​​a perfect set to wear to the suit but fits equally well to dress up your jeans with. Hope you like it too!