Layering - Mix'n Match 

Create balance and dynamics between color, shape and material through layering, a trendy and stylish way to wear your necklace. Combine necklaces in different lengths, models and colors and find your unique style in our range. Our necklaces are made of stainless steel and are available in the colors gold, silver and black. Mix and match our necklaces with stylish bracelet links and complete your outfit with stylish men's jewelery from by BILLGREN.

Create balance with different lengths

Combine several chains or necklaces with a pendant in different lengths for a stylish and complete look. Chains in different lengths give your style a boost and are absolutely the most stylish to combine with a simple sweater or t-shirt.

Work with different shapes & colors

Work with different shapes and colors to find a nice balance and texture in your look. Combine necklaces in different designs and colors such as anchor links, armor chains and square links in both gold, silver and black. Combining different shapes and colors gives a modern impression with an attitude that you can vary, every day. Create a wonderful dynamic between color and shape and find your style in our range of chains and necklaces. We think it is time to scrap the rule that you should not carry gold and silver together. It is definitely a nice combination!

Mix'n Match

Mixing and matching accessories is in our DNA and our collections are designed so that you can build a personal outfit, for everyday or for more dressed up occasions. By combining different shapes, colors and materials, you create a balance and dynamics that gives your style that little extra. If you need extra inspiration, you can visit our instagram @bybillgren and look at our combinations and compositions.