Watches leather straps

Leather watch men - A leather watch is a true design classic that suits all occasions and styles. Our watches with leather bracelets are made of genuine, Italian leather in several different colors and designs. Choose between a classic smooth strap in black or brown leather, or invest in a modern vintage in croco leather. Wear it everyday, give your office look a lift or style your dressy outfit for a party. By mixing and matching with our leather bracelets, beaded bracelets or steel bracelets, you can lift your outfit further, and can also in this way style your watch based on style and occasion. You can easily change the color of your leather watch with our simple quick release function. Buy an extra watchstrap, and you will get several watches in one. Choose if you want the Douglas dial, which is a little more clean and simple, or if you want the Gustaf dial that has a little more details. Both models are available in black or white. By taking care of your leather watch, you extend its life, you can do this in several ways. To begin with, it can be good to store your watch separately from your other jewelry, for example in a separate case. Although our watches are to some extent water resistant, we recommend that you do not bathe or shower with your leather watch, as water dries out the leather. Should you need to clean the leather bracelet on your watch, you can do this easily by wiping it with a clean cloth. You can also use neutral leather grease or cleaning that is for leather if your leather strap needs to be cleaned properly. Always remember to protect the dial on the watch when cleaning your leather bracelet! Also put on your leather watch after you have, for example, lubricated yourself or perfumed yourself, and you will protect the leather.