Men's watches

Men's watches - by The Billgren watch has a Scandinavian design with a combination of stylish, classic and elegant - a timeless design that can be worn at any time. Our watches work both for everyday and for parties. A watch is so much more than a practical detail, it is a timeless accessory that enhances your look and never goes out of style. A stylish men's watch is simply a must for all men's accessory wardrobe. Find your personal favorite in our collection and choose between mesh watch bracelets made of stainless steel or one in genuine Italian leather. Or why not a sporty design classic with Swiss movement? If you have difficulty deciding whether you want your watch with a leather bracelet or mesh bracelet, we have the solution for this. Most of our watches have a quick release function that allows you to easily change the look of your watch by simply replacing the strap. See here how you can easily do this. Combine the dial with whichever strap you want and you get several watches in one and can match your watch based on style, mood and occasion. You can also easily adjust our mesh bracelets yourself so that you get the right size for your watch. Like most of our jewelry and accessories, our watches are designed so that you can mix and match them with our various bracelets. An easy way to change your style and look. Our watches are to some extent water resistant, from 5ATM to 10ATM. This means that the watches can withstand a little water, but to get a longer shelf life on the watch, we recommend that you take it off during a longer stay in water. It can also be good to think about how you take care of your watches. The watches with leather bracelets can be cleaned with a clean cloth and can be lubricated with neutral leather grease. The mesh and steel watches can be gently cleaned with mild soap and lukewarm water with for example a toothbrush. Then wipe with cotton. It is important that you remember to protecting the dial when cleaning your watch to avoid scraches.