Quick release

Our leather watches and mesh watches allow you to mix and match in great variety, depending on style and occasion. Instead of buying a new watch, you can easily change both bracelet and dial. In a quick seep you have a brand new watch, so simple and easy! How to change watch bracelets  

Mesh Watches

Our mesh watches are designed in stainless steel and are available in both silver and PVD-plated gold. The watch bracelets are 20 mm wide and all have a quick release function, which makes it easy to replace the mesh strap to any color and vary based on style and occasion. You can also adjust the size yourself at home by moving the buckle. Below you will find a guide on how to proceed. All watches also have a watch in Japanese Miyota Sapphire Glass which makes the watches extra elegant and waterproof at 5ATM. It is therefore possible to take a quick shower or a quick dip with the watch on, but to avoid scratches and increase the lifespan, we recommend exposing our watches to as little water as possible. All our watches have a 2-year warranty.

Leather Watches

Our leather watches also have a quick release function so you can vary your style, every day. The leather watches are designed in genuine Italian leather and are available in black, brown, gray and beige leather with both black and white dial. You will also find crocodile leather in black and brown. All our leather watches have a water resistance of 5ATM, which means that they can handle occasional, short occasions in water, such as a short shower or a quick dip. But keep in mind that leather is a living material and if it is exposed to a lot of water, it can easily dry out and lose its luster. Therefore, try to avoid water as much as you can. Read more if you take care of both leather and steel here.

How to adjust strap

You easily adjust your mesh watch from by BILLGREN by moving the buckle. Here's how to do this