Beaded bracelets

Pearl bracelet men - Our bead bracelets are designed in unique gemstones and are elastic so they fit most wrists. The bracelets are made of jasper, tiger eye, agate, opal, galaxy stone, onyx & lava stone. The stones are a natural material and can vary in color and design. Each stone also has unique properties and gives off different energies. Lapis is a powerful stone that stands for healing, harmony and balance. Jasper stands for calm, strength and stability. Tiger eye, a stone with protective energies and harmony. Wear your bead bracelet simply as it is, or mix with our leather bracelets and steel bracelets, depending on what look you are striving for. Change your style according to mood and occasion with our trendy men's bracelets. The bracelets can also be combined with our watches and are suitable for both dressy occasions and everyday. Find your favorite bracelets online at by BILLGREN and mix your own combination that suits your style. If you need tips and inspiration, you can contact us for personal style advice here or go to our instagram @bybillgren and look at our combinations and style tips.


Bead bracelet,
29.28 EUR