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BILL | Beads bracelet | Blue / Black

28.00 EUR
Article number: 8158

A bracelet with beads in blue and black stones in Agate and Onyx. Agate is a gemstone with exciting unique patterns. Onyx is a gemstone consisting of the mineral chalcedony and parallel layers that alternate between black and white. A stylish and unique combination that suits all occasions and styles. Feel free to combine with more of our bracelets such as leather or steel bracelets and create a complete look. Can also be combined with any of by Billgren watches.

Agate is a stone that is said to improve your concentration and perception and eliminate negative energies. The stone is said to be able to contribute to creating a safe and peaceful existence.

Onyx is a stone that provides strenght and is said to protect and convert negative energies into positive ones. Onyx is used to help with fears and increase self-confidence when something is holding you back.

Length: 19 cm
Width: 6 mm