Mobile accessories

Mobile accessories -  At by Billgren you will find trendy and stylish mobile accessories and mobile accessories. We constantly work to ensure that you as a customer get great quality at good prices and offer a large selection of powerbanks and charging bracelets that enable you to avoid compromising between technology and style. With a charging bracelet on your arm, you are always ready to charge your Android or iPhone. Just unbutton the bracelet, connect it to a power source (power bank or plug) and charge your smartphone with our stylish and functional charging bracelet in black or brown genuine leather. Our mobile accessories are excellent options for the style-conscious man. The future is digital and we are innovative. Find your favorites here.


A power bank is like a portable battery where you can easily and conveniently charge your devices using a connected cable when you're on the go and don't have the opportunity to charge your device in an electrical outlet. With By Billgren's power bank, you can charge your mobile phone and headphones, wherever you are, up to 2 times before your power bank needs to be recharged again. Our power banks are perfect for those who do not want to compromise between technology and style, but charge their devices in a stylish way. You can choose between the colors black and white, and connect your power bank to iPhone or Android.


With a QI charger, you can charge your phone wirelessly and simply by placing the phone on the plate. The QI plate is perfect on the bedside table so you don't have to mess with the cord late at night or why not have a QI charger on the desk in the office so that the phone can be charged every time you put the phone down.