Cuff links

Cufflinks can be one of the oldest men's accessories and are from scratch to keep the shirt sleeves in place. Today, they are not just for a practical purpose, cufflinks also add an elegant feeling and give your suit a luxurious look. Choose from oval, square or rectangular cufflinks in stainless steel, in the colours gold and silver. We also have cufflinks with matching tie pin. If you want to make the cufflinks more personal and unique, you can buy engraving. A perfect gift for someone you like! For our cufflinks in carbon, silver and gold, there are also matching rings that create a complete look. Our cufflinks make that old shirt in the closet look like new!



Manschettknappar by Billgren fungerar inte bara ur praktiskt syfte utan adderar även en elegant känsla och ger din kostym en ännu lyxigare look. Välj mellan våra olika färger, former eller varför inte beställa våra manschettknappar med valfri gravyr. Vet du inte vad du ska ge i present till honom? Vad sägs om att beställa ett par manschettknappar till den stiliga mannen.