Cufflinks can be one of the oldest men's accessories and are from scratch to keep the shirt sleeves in place. Today, they are not just for a practical purpose, cufflinks also add an elegant feeling and give your suit a luxurious look. Choose from oval, square or rectangular cufflinks in stainless steel, in the colours gold and silver. We also have cufflinks with matching tie pin. If you want to make the cufflinks more personal and unique, you can buy engraving. A perfect gift for someone you like! For our cufflinks in carbon, silver and gold, there are also matching rings that create a complete look. Our cufflinks make that old shirt in the closet look like new!


The easiest and most subtle accessory to add to your wardrobe is a pair of cufflinks. There is an abundance of different shapes and colors so that you can have your own personal expression. We at by Billgren have chosen to cut back on everything and focus on stylish, durable and timeless cufflinks. The accessory is really a small and elegant detail, but one that has the power to lift your entire look.


All of our cufflinks can be engraved. Perfect for engraving the wearer's initials or a date that means a lot. With us, you can choose between 4 different fonts that have been selected to all fit our cufflinks.

One tip is to give stylish engraved cufflinks as a gift in the morning to your loved one.


When it comes to weddings, cufflinks add that extra stylish look that you are often looking for. The most common is to match your shirt, tie and handkerchief with your cufflinks. The classic style always hits home and is a safe bet if you're going to give them away as a gift. If you are going to wear a coat, plain cufflinks apply, these are matched with the buttons that are placed in the breast of the coat shirt.


There are not many shirts today that require cufflinks, it is common for shirts to have cuffs that are partly held together by a regular button. These often have a hole for those who want to use cufflinks.

When in doubt, one rule you can follow is: If the shirt is meant to be buttoned with normal buttons, these are already sewn on. If it is a shirt that has double cuffs, a so-called French cuff, you need to pick out your cufflinks.