Care advice for silver jewellery

Our silver jewelery is made of 925 nickel-free sterling silver. It is a solid and durable material that makes the jewelery less sensitive. However, it is important that you take care of your jewelry so that you can enjoy it for many years.

  • The included box is great for storing your jewelry when you're not using it. Silver jewelery thrives best when it does not need to be mixed with other jewellery
  • It is good to wipe the jewelry after each use so that it is clean of skin oil, exhaust gases and so on.
  • It is fine to sleep, bathe/shower and carry out everyday tasks (such as gardening, washing up, training etc) with the jewellery. However, we recommend that you take them off during these activities, to avoid unnecessary wear and tear.
  • Clean them regularly to maintain the luster of the jewelry for longer.

Silver jewelry worn daily will darken over time due to oxidation and dirt. This phenomenon has several explanations, partly because our skin excretes salts and minerals. It also depends on grease, skin cream and impurities in the air. By regularly cleaning your jewelry, you delay the process. However, it is relatively easy to remove these discolorations.


To remove everyday dirt from the jewelry, you can put it in hot water with a few drops of dish soap. Let them sit for a few minutes and then brush away the dirt with a toothbrush.

When a gray or yellowish coating has formed on the jewelry, this is most easily removed with a silver polishing cloth. If the dirt does not come off, it may be an idea to do a rougher cleaning with bicarbonate or baking soda. It is a more environmentally friendly and effective cleaning.


  1. Place aluminum foil in a childproof form (preferably glass).
  2. Sprinkle bicarbonate/baking powder on the foil.
  3. Place the silver jewelry in the mold and sprinkle additional bicarbonate/baking powder so that it covers the jewelry.
  4. Pour slowly boiling water into the mold so that it covers all the jewelry.
  5. Leave the jewelry in the mold until the water has cooled, then rinse it off under running water.
  6. Wipe them dry and polish them with a polishing cloth to bring back the shine and luster.

It bubbles and fizzes when bicarbonate/baking powder comes into contact with water. This is because bicarbonate/baking powder gives off carbonic acid. This is nothing dangerous, but part of the process.