Men's necklace - Shop necklaces online at by BILLGREN and click home personal and trendy men's jewelry. Our necklaces are made of stainless steel and are designed to fit all styles and wallets. Choose between classic necklaces, necklaces in beads and necklaces with pendants in different styles. Feel free to combine wide and thin chains with each other or why not a necklace with a pendant and a chain? We think it is time to scrap the rule that you should not carry gold and silver together. Do not be afraid to mix different colors and materials, it creates balance and gives a personal touch to your look. Are you going to a party? Skip the tie and let a simple steel necklace shine under your unbuttoned shirt.


Necklace, gold
34.39 EUR
Necklace, silver
34.39 EUR
Necklace, chain
34.39 EUR
Pendant, died tag
24.54 EUR
Pendant, lion
24.54 EUR
Necklace, pendant, black/gold
19.61 EUR 34.39 EUR
Necklace, round pendant, steel
9.76 EUR 29.46 EUR