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SAVE THE RHINO | Necklace Sudan | Steel / Black

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The necklace comes in a gift box with a small presentation folder with information about this project.

Background: Every day four rhinos are killed for their horns, and unless this trade stops immediately, theze amazing animals could be extinct within a few years.

By purchasing this necklace you support The Perfect World Foundation and by BILLGREN's ambitions to increase knowledge and our efforts to stop the extinction of our wildlife. The necklace costs 499 SEK, of which 200 SEK goes to The Perfect World Foundation. 

The name Sudan: The necklace has been named after the last North African White Rhino that sadly passed away in march 2018. According to WWF, there were over 2000 northern white rhinos in 1960. Now they are only two: Fatu and her mother Najin. Sudan's death could mean the extinction of his species. This can be our wake-up call. In a world of more than 7 billion people, we must see ourselves as part of the landscape.

Why flying Rhinoceros: Today they move rhinos from areas where poaching and extinction is increasing the most, hanging upside down under the helicopter. It may look scary, but the rhino takes no damage of the flight. It is sedated all time and wakes up in a safer place where it has greater chances to survive and reproduce. This is the best and fastest rescue of rhinos to leave these crisis areas.

If we do nothing now, we are the last generation that will experience wildlife.

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