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Bracelets men - At by Billgren you will find a large selection of unique men's bracelets for all occasions and styles. Our bracelets are made of stainless steel, genuine leather and gemstones. A small detail that is the perfect component when you want to create that little extra for your look. Choose between classic leather bracelets, trendy steel bracelets and stylish bead bracelets that are designed to be matched and worn with our watches. Our steel bracelets are available in both silver and gold that you can vary, combine and match. We do not agree at all that gold and silver could not be mix, it's so nice!! Wear your bracelet in sets or just as it is, there is no right or wrong. Combining many at a time can give your outfit that complete look that you are looking for and having a simple one creates a minimalist style. Keep your combination clean by matching the right color and model. Feel free to match different materials such as stainless steel, leather and bracelets with pearls to find a perfect balance and dynamic between color, shape and material. In our range, you will also find unique charging bracelets to charge your smartphone with. In a smooth, simple and neat way, you can charge your phone, wherever you are. If you feel like getting some tips or help finding the right accessories for you, you can contact us for personal style advice. We take into account your personal wishes, style and needs, and then send out a suggestion on which accessories we think would suit you. Whether you want to find a completely new style, create a stylish bracelet combination or just ask for advice about our products in our range, we are here to guide you. The form for style advice jewelry can be found here. Also take the opportunity to look at our watches and rings, which are a nice complement to our men's bracelets.


Leather bracelet, plate, black
19.58 EUR 39.26 EUR
Steel bracelet, leather, black
19.58 EUR 39.26 EUR
Bead bracelet,
29.42 EUR