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BYRON | Beads bracelet | Red / Blue

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More is more when it comes to this multicolored bead bracelet! Here we have chosen to combine all of the good: Onyx, Lapis, Howlite and Jaspis to create this unique bracelet.

Onyx is a stone that provides strenght and is said to protect and convert negative energies into positive ones. Onyx is used to help with fears and increase self-confidence when something is holding you back.

Lapis is a stone worn to improve intellectual abilities and is said to strengthen honesty and the will to learn. The stone is powerful and stimulates understanding and can be used for a deep and truthful communication.

Howlite is a unique stone that stands for stillness, tenderness and open mind that also say reduce stress and anxiety. Howlite is also said to be a spiritual stone that can link to a higher spiritual consciousness.

Jaspis is a stone that is said to give physical strength and vitality and is said to give inner peace and tranquility. Jaspis is a stone that has a slow effect and should be used for even longer, perfect to wear the stone as a nice bracelet then!

Length: 19 cm
Width: 6 mm