Cable bracelets

Charging bracelet - Now you can always have a charger close at hand. Literally. Connect, charge and sync your Smartphone with our stylish and functional charging bracelet in genuine leather with steel details. The bracelet is a simple and excellent alternative for the style-conscious man to take with you on the trip, new adventures or when you are on the go. Charge your phone in a nice, smooth and easy way, wherever you are! The charging bracelet is available in black and brown leather with matt black steel details. Now the bracelet is also available for purchase for your Android Smartphone in brown and black braided leather with steel details. The charging bracelet for Android has a micro-USB and is easily connected to your computer or powerbank, just like the bracelet for Iphone. Choose between three different sizes 18 cm - 19 cm and 21 cm. Size 18 cm can also be found in our Teen Collection for the younger guy in the family. Simplify your everyday life or make your suitcase smaller with our flexible charging bracelet!