Teen Collection

Now we are finally launching a collection for young guys and the trend-conscious guy who wants to find his own style. We have noticed that the demand has increased on jewelry and accessories for young people, and today we are proud to be able to offer Teen Collection in our range with by BILLGREN. We have simply took our classics and bestsellers from the collection and designed them in smaller sizes. Same design, same quality and as the original.

In the Teen collection assortment you will find affordable jewelry that is perfect to give as a gift to the guy who is interested in fashion and is The collection is suitable for all boys aged 12-17 who like accessories. In the collection you will find bead bracelets, leather bracelets, steel bracelets and rings that, like all our men's jewelery, are designed to be mixed and matched. Stylish, trendy jewelry that can lift any look and create that little extra. Today you want to stand out, be your own and create a unique style, something you can easily do with the help of a stylish accessory.