The sunglasses are used periodically and you can easily forget to take care of them, even though they are very exposed to weather, wind and water. Then it is important that you take care of your sunglasses in the right way to keep them looking good and have a longer life. You do this by cleaning and storing them properly.

How to Clean your sunglasses properly:

1. Often, you polish your sunglasses with your sweater. Avoid this as this can cause scratches on the glass. 

 2. Do not clean your sunglasses with windowpane as the alcohol in it can discolour the arches and also ruin the finish of the glass. Instead, use a mild detergent or detergent that is suitable for glasses and wipe with a microfiber cloth. 

 3. Always keep your sunglasses in a case when you are not using them. This is to avoid being damaged or scratched. 

 4. Try not to wear your sunglasses on your head because you will then stretch out your skulls. 

 5. Remember not to put sunglasses on the dashboard in the car or wear them in the sauna because sunglasses cannot withstand high temperatures as they can lose shape.

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