Gift tips engraving

Engraving jewelry men - What is better than giving away an engraved jewelry as a gift? So personal and memorable. Here you will find men's jewelry and accessories that you can engrave with exactly what you want. A memorable text, a nice symbol or a date that means something special. Of course, you can choose to engrave something for yourself as well, it makes your jewelry so much more personal. Our engraved jewelry is made of stainless steel and you will also find leather bracelets with a steel tray that you can choose to engrave. Find the perfect gift among our engraved jewelry and surprise someone you like, with something very special.

Necklace, gold
34.34 EUR
Necklace, silver
34.34 EUR
Tie pin, silver
19.58 EUR
Card holder, steel
19.58 EUR
24.50 EUR
Leather bracelet, plate, black
19.58 EUR 39.26 EUR
Cuff link, gold
39.26 EUR
Cuff link, silver
39.26 EUR
Necklace, pendant, black/gold
19.58 EUR 34.34 EUR