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Finding the right size for the ring you want can be more complicated than you think and if you are going to buy a gift, it does not make things easier. Therefore, we have made a size guide that you can easily follow as well as tips on how to easily measure your size from home. There are different methods, it's just for you to choose the one that suits you best! The most common way to measure a ring size is to measure the inside diameter and in this way get how many millimeters you should have. For example, if you find that the diameter is 2 cm on a ruler, it corresponds to size 20 mm with us, a size medium. You measure the diameter over the thickest part of the ring and the circumference by measuring the inner circumference of the ring, both ways measured in millimeters. As you probably know, your fingers can swell up if you are hot and can grow up to half a size larger. In the same way, it works when the hand is cold and can then become a size smaller instead. To find the right size, it is best to measure in the morning or evening when your hand has a normal temperature. Do not forget to measure the right finger that you want to wear your new ring on!

Method 1

You can easily measure your size by testing a ring from home and then measuring the diameter with a ruler. Place the ring on the ruler and measure in the widest place of the ring. You can then see what size you have through the millimeters. For example, if you get 2 cm on the ruler, you should have a ring in a medium size of 20 mm. You measure the diameter of the ring in this way. Look in the guide below where you will find the sizes in both diameter and circumference.

Method 2

If you only have a measuring tape on hand, it works just as well! Find a ring from home that fits and measure the inner circumference with a tape measure. If you then find out, for example, that you have a circumference of 60 mm, it corresponds to a size small with us in 19 mm.

Method 3

Another simple quick fix that you can do at home is to measure with a sewing thread or string. You simply take the sewing thread or string, wrap it around your finger and then measure the thread. Then you also get the circumference you need. Remember not to wire too hard so that you get a ring that is too small and measure the right finger you want to wear the ring on.

Method 4

If you are unsure and do not want to do this yourself, you can choose to visit one of our retailers and they will measure out the right size for you. You will find our dealers throughout the country here.

Download our size guide to see exact measurements in both diameter and circumference